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Napa Valley winemakers are unanimous in their enthusiasm for the just-finished 2013 harvest, a drought year and worthy, if not superior, successor to 2012! Yay California! France was not as fortunate: after destructive storms, France's fine-wine region reaps one of worst grape harvests in decades.



9/28/2014: Harvests announced

Napa Chardonnay:  Done.
Sonoma Zinfandel: Done.
Sonoma Cabernet:  Late harvest.  Still waiting on a date.
Sonoma Syrah:  Late harvest.  Still waiting on a date.
Napa Zinfandel:  Done.
Napa Pinot Noir:  En route.
Napa Syrah: What?! Still on the vine...waiting for a date.
Napa Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet:  arriving 1st of October.  Please call to set up your crush time if you have not done so.
Napa Missouri Hopper Cabernet:  ate harvest.  Still waiting on a date.